Finishing a night of wining and dining with a parfait is a culinary culture that originated in Sapporo. The most popular parfait shops draw long queues of Sapporoites waiting to enjoy their mind-blowing creations. The main draw of these parfaits is their photo-worthy designs. Exuding sophistication, the parfaits are made with specialty ingredients like rare fruits, and you can see the thought that has gone into every element. A good Shime parfait inspires you like a work of art.
It has been a little over a decade since Shime parfait started to gain popularity, and the trend has recently grown to include end-of-lunch parfaits at some shops on weekends. Finish your evening the Hokkaido way. Make sure you grab one at the end of your visit too!


  • Sapporo is known for being a key culinary destination among domestic travelers, and I think international visitors are starting to understand it too. Shime-parfait is a novel little cultural quirk, a way to enjoy desserts – a personal passion of mine! – in a more 'adult' setting is pretty special. The artfulness and meticulous decoration that goes into each and every one of these 'late-night parfaits' make them almost impossible to eat! Luckily they're so delicious.

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    Travel Writer / Tourism Expert Lucy Dayman