What happens when some of the biggest international skiers and snowboarders come to Sapporo?

What comes to mind when you think of Sapporo? Is it the beer? Or perhaps the Snow Festival? Or maybe the seafood?

Did you know that Sapporo also has six ski resorts within the city? And these are not just some small level ski slopes, but resorts with some of the best powder snow in Japan.

But don’t take our word for it.

We invited some of the top snow professionals from America, Canada, Italy, the UK and Finland to Sapporo to experience it for themselves. They’ve shredded the best ski slopes all over the world! So how does Sapporo compare? And what other fun things did they get up to in the city?

Check out the articles below to find out!

Internationally renowned Finnish snowboarders Eero Ettala and HP Parviainen travel to Sapporo for the JAPOW experience of a lifetime.

Enni is an Olympic medalist who has been to nearly all the world`s snow destinations. Alongside her photographer partner, she explores Sapporo for the first time, mixing the days of snowboarding with culinary delights and onsen relaxation.

Hailing from Italy and the UK, Mauri and Aaron are a pair of photographers and writers, as well as international skiers always looking for their next adventure. In Sapporo, they go deep into in the ski slopes and enjoy Japanese culture in the city.

Over 30 years of friendship, Canadian skiers Mark and Rory have competed against each other all over the world. They come to Sapporo for a trip of limitless snow and nightlife adventures.

Mike is a fashion entrepreneur and pro snowboarder who often comes to Japan for business. But this time he came to Sapporo solo to play in the expansive backcountry areas and enjoy the city life.