Genghis Kan is a lamb barbecue dish. For a country that never had a large lamb eating scene, this soul food was pioneered in Hokkaido when marinating lamb in an apple and onion sauce gained popularity. Genghis Kan is simple at first sight with hidden depths, combining chewy mutton with the milder flavor of lamb. Cuts such as sirloin, shoulder and leg meat are complemented by the restaurant’s condiments of choice, such as the classic soy sauce and miso. Salt has also gained popularity in recent years for the way it accentuates the flavor of the meat. If it’s your first time visiting a particular restaurant, it’s worth asking the staff for tips on the best way to grill the meat.
Sapporo is full of Genghis Kan restaurants, from those with large halls to small specialty joints with their own unique flair. No matter which door you open, you will be greeted by a lively and buzzing atmosphere. Washing Genghis Kan down with a cold beer is a must!