Just a 10-minute walk from Sapporo Station, this pedestrian-only street is one of Hokkaido’s oldest shopping streets, with a history dating back to 1873. It’s also one of the largest shopping arcades, spanning around 900m and seven blocks and boasting around 200 shops.
Tourists love the restaurants selling Sapporo specialties like miso ramen and soup curry, the stores where you can stop for an Shime-Parfait like a true Sapporoite and the stores selling favorite local souvenirs. But what sets Tanuki Koji apart from other shopping streets of its kind is its role as a local hub, Where there is something to suit everyone’s needs.
The fashion area at 1-chome is a thrifter’s paradise where a plethora of unique finds are waiting for you. At the other end you’ll find all kinds of hidden culinary gems, from generations-old tearooms rooted in Japan’s historic tea culture to vegan restaurants and one-of-a-kind izakaya (traditional Japanese pubs) and bars. It’s also a must-visit for culture vultures, with game centers that are a hit among students, a cinema showing a unique range of titles, and record stores with works that music aficionados spend their lives searching for. The distinctive vibe of each block means that locals tend to have an established hangout based on their generation or preferences.
If you want to see what life in Sapporo is like, look no further than the small specialty stores in Tanuki Koji.


  • Tanuki Koji could easily be considered a centerpiece of Sapporo city. This sprawling undercover shopping stip is home to an eclectic collection of new and legacy businesses selling everything from bubble tea to traditional Japanese knives. If you want to explore the stores that make Sapporo culture what it is, strolling these streets is a great place to start.

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    Travel Writer / Tourism Expert Lucy Dayman

Useful Information

Sapporo Tanuki Koji Shopping Street

Minami 2 and 3 jo, Nishi 1 to 7 chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
5-minute walk from Odori Station on the Namboku, Tozai and Toho Lines of the Sapporo Municipal Subway
Admission fee