Historical Village of Hokkaido & Hokkaido Museum

About 150 years ago, many people from Honshu moved to the vast island of Hokkaido and contributed to its development.

The Historical Village of Hokkaido is an open-air museum of relocated and restored buildings built during the Hokkaido development era. Take a step back in time and imagine the hardships the new arrivals faced during this period and how they lived in Hokkaido’s towns and its fishing, farming and mountain villages.

A horse-drawn streetcar runs between the town and the farming village. The building facades, furniture, doors and windows, interior design, and people’s lifestyles have been recreated so you can feel like you have been transported back to the Hokkaido of that era.

Dig deeper into the history of Hokkaido at the neighboring Hokkaido Museum. The exhibits here take you on a journey through time, from the mammoths and Naumann Elephants that lived here 1.2 million years ago to the traditional lifestyles of the Ainu people, the establishment of settlements for the developers from Honshu, and the present day.

Useful Information

Historical Village of Hokkaido & Hokkaido Museum

53-2, Atsubestsucho Konopporo, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo
Hokkaido Museum: Take the JR Hokkaido Bus Shin 22 for the Historical Village of Hokkaido from JR Shin-Sapporo Station, and disembark at Hokkaido Museum.

Historical Village of Hokkaido: Take the JR Hokkaido Bus for the Historical Village of Hokkaido from Bus Stop 10 on the North Lane of the Shin-Sapporo Bus Terminal, and disembark at the last stop.