James Pritty

Born in England. He became interested in Japan when he was a student and studied Japanese by himself. He has lived in Sapporo since 2004. He now operates an English conversation café & school in Sapporo, and occasionally appears as a reporter and narrator for TV programs. His hobbies are reading, karaoke, hiking and bird watching.

  1. 9 Sapporo in spring: Cherry blossoms and a shrine

    In Sapporo, the best time to see the cherry blossoms is from late April to early May. That’s late for Japan—while other areas’ cherry blossoms have fallen, Sapporo’s are in full bloom. Hokkaido Shrine is a particularly great spot. After you’ve feasted your eyes on this quintessentially Japanese scenery, why not go for a bowl of soup curry? It’s a Sapporo specialty.

    Hokkaido Shrine
    Jingu Chaya
    Soup Curry Matale
  2. 8 Stroll through Susukino guided by an English-born Sapporo resident!

    Susukino is one of the foremost nightlife districts in all of Japan. James, an English-born resident of Sapporo, will guide you through an eating tour of Sapporo’s “town that never sleeps”. Having lived in Sapporo for many years, James can’t wait to introduce some of his personal favorite restaurants, bars, and more!

    Meidai Nigirimeshi
    Susukino Tourist Association
  3. 7 Appreciate art at Moerenuma Park, then enjoy a satisfying bowl of ramen

    Moerenuma Park, Sapporo’s iconic art park, was designed by world-famous sculptor Isamu Noguchi. The expansive site includes a wide variety of art, fountains, and more. Visitors will enjoy beautiful sights combining the wonders of nature and art. We’ll also report from Yoshiyama Shoten, one of Sapporo’s most famous ramen restaurants, located about 15 minutes by car from Moerenuma Park.

    Moerenuma Park
  4. 6 Hokkaido Jingu Shrine & Mt. Maruyama

    In Japan, very spiritual and sacred locations such as Hokkaido Shrine (Hokkaido Jingu) are often known as “power spots”, and if you visit, you’ll understand why.

    Hokkaido Shrine (Hokkaido Jingu)
  5. 5 Jozankei in Winter! Relax in the hot springs!

    A beloved venue for rest and recuperation by Sapporo’s locals, Jozankei Onsen hot spring district is located in the western reaches of Sapporo’s Minami Ward. In winter, have a leisurely soak in natural hot springs as you gaze over beautiful snowy scenery. Then, choose your favorites from buffet dining featuring local Hokkaido ingredients. Take your mind off everyday life, relax, and unwind.

    Jozankei Tourist Association Official Website
    Jozankei Manseikaku Hotel Milione
  6. 4 Sapporo Beer Garden

    Sapporo beer, a local beer in Sapporo! This beer garden has a museum where you can see the history of its birth. At the attached restaurant, you can eat “JINGISUKAN”, which is made by grilling sheep meat on a special iron plate. Advance reservation is recommended. The Sapporo gourmet “JINGISUKAN” is definitely something you should eat.

    Sapporo Beer Garden
  7. 3 Sushi, Beer and Ramen

    Introducing Sapporo gourmet food! You can enjoy various kinds of fish in sushi, and you can also enjoy talking with the chef. We also recommend restaurants where you can enjoy beer from various regions. It is necessary to eat ramen at the end of the meal in Sapporo.

    Strolling Around Sapporo
  8. 2 Experiencing Hokkaido’s renowned seafood & beer

    Hokkaido is renowned for seafood, and Nijo Fish Market offers a wide selection of the finest local foods. Located near the station, Nijo Fish Market is the perfect place to sample delicacies from all around Hokkaido! We’ll also introduce a pub where you can enjoy Hokkaido craft beer. You’re sure to find a new favorite brew!

    Nijo Fish Market
    Moon Sun Brewing
  9. 1 In winter, head underground? Explore Sapporo’s underground towns!

    Sapporo’s downtown reaches far and wide, even underground! In the cold of winter, why not get around via Sapporo’s ‘Chikagai’ underground towns? Of course, there are plenty of interesting shops to find. Kita Kitchen brings together a wide range of Hokkaido’s tastiest cuisine. You can also enjoy Sapporo’s renowned sweets at venues including Kinotoya and Tsubaki Sando. Take the trip underground for a memorable experience!

    Kita Kitchen Aurora Town
    Kinotoya Bake Pole Town
    Tsubaki Sando Pole Town
    Tumugu Kobo
    Sapporo Kawashokuninkan (Artisanal Leather Goods) Aurora Town