Neil Hartmann

In 1991, Hokkaido’s superb powder snow tempted Neil to make the move to Hokkaido from California, USA. After working as an MC for snowboarding television programs, he now promotes Hokkaido winter lifestyles through media such as photography and video based out of Jozankei, Sapporo.

  1. 5 Fun in the snow, to your heart’s content!

    In addition to its renowned ski resorts, there are plenty of spots to enjoy Sapporo’s wonderful snow throughout the city! At Asahiyama Memorial Park, you can rent snowshoes and take a stroll through nature. You can also try snowshoeing at Nakajima Park, located not far from the city center. After a busy day in the cold, nothing beats warming up with a bowl of Sapporo’s famous ramen.

    Asahiyama Memorial Park
    Nakajima Park
    Ganso Sapporo Ramen Yokocho (Ramen Alley)
  2. 4 Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort

    Sapporo city has 6 ski resorts and Sapporo Kokusai is the largest and highest elevation among them. Great snow quality, courses for all levels, and all this set deep in the mountains of the Shikotsu Toya National park! A great one day trip from the city of Sapporo!

    Kokusai Ski Resort
  3. 3 Sapporo Teine ski resort

    Sapporo Teine ski resort will always be my favorite spot for quality snowboarding and skiing close to the city of Sapporo. With its north facing aspect the snow quality is always great and the mountain has a lot of interesting history as one of the sites during the 1972 Winter Olympic games!

  4. 2 Mt. Moiwa Ski Resort

    Sapporo Moiwa is truly the icon of this northern city. The ski area and courses built into the mountain make it a unique spot to ski when you visit. Night skiing provides a great view of the city below!

    Mt. Moiwa Ski Resort
  5. 1 Jozankei Onsen

    There is a lot to see and do in the village of Jozankei Onsen! Hot springs, shopping, hotels, trekking, canoe tours, and much more!

    Jozankei Onsen