Jessica was born in Australia, and took a strong interest in Japanese culture inspired by Japanese anime and movies. Five years ago, she moved to Japan, and studied at Hokkaido University. She enjoys life in Hokkaido while pursuing a variety of hobbies, including snowboarding, skateboarding, guitar, photography, and videography.

  1. 2 Hokkaido University

    Welcome to One day from Sapporo, Japan! Today I am visiting Hokkaido University, one of the largest campuses in Japan.

    Hokkaido University
  2. 1 Pirka Kotan

    Do you know about Ainu, the native inhabitants of Hokkaido Japan? Today I am visiting Sapporo’s Ainu Culture Promotion Center (also known as Sapporo Pirka Kotan) to learn a little more about their culture and view traditional clothing and artifacts.

    Pirka Kotan