Originally from Taiwan, she came to Sapporo in 2018. After studying here, she found work at a drugstore, and now lives in Sapporo. Her hobbies are travel and photography, and her Instragram page features locations from around Hokkaido. She is a big fan of Sapporo soup curry, which she often recommends to her Taiwanese friends.

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    Sapporo is renowned for its splendid winters. Every winter, in the heart of the city, venues such as Odori Park come to life with beautiful light displays, painting the evening cityscape with romantic colors. Enjoy this beautiful scene, then enjoy your fill of some of Hokkaido’s finest sushi.
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    Sapporo’s night view is so breathtaking that it is included in “Japan’s New Three Most Spectacular Night Views”. Exceptionally clear winter nights make for even more beautiful views. Tonight, we’ll take the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway to get an amazing view of the sparkling lights of the entire city. After enjoying the night view, what better way to finish the evening than with a signature Sapporo shime parfait?
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    Originally from Taiwan, Bear now resides in Sapporo. After studying as a visiting student, she now works at a drugstore. She is a big fan of Sapporo’s local cuisine, such as soup curry and miso ramen. Her hobbies are travel and photography.
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    Sapporo’s Jozankei area is renowned for its hot springs. In fact, there are plenty of wonderful places to visit, in addition to the hot springs! Pick seasonal fruit at local orchards, experience the thrill of tree trekking, and enjoy a special illumination show just for guests staying in Jozankei. And of course, the local accommodations serve delicious Hokkaido cuisine!
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