Born in Korea, she came to Sapporo in 2019 after a working holiday in Taiwan. She currently works at a hotel. She loves visiting cafés that serve espresso. One of her favorite things about Sapporo is the large parks such as Odori Park and Nakajima Park, the likes of which are rare in Korea.

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    Sapporo has plenty of attractions after dark! From Mt. Moiwa, take in Sapporo’s acclaimed night views, which have been selected as one of “Japan’s New Three Most Spectacular Night Views”. The twinkling city lights create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. And, let’s try another Sapporo nighttime treat, ‘Shime Parfait’! Complete the day with a parfait that tastes as unforgettable as it looks.
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    This incredible shopping facility is directly connected to Sapporo Station! Let’s check out popular brands from throughout Japan and around the world, stores featuring accessories, and more. After looking through store after store, we’ll stop by a kaiten-sushi (sushi train) to enjoy fresh Hokkaido seafood.
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    The Hill of Buddha is located amidst fields of lavender at Makomanai Takino Cemetery. And, from Horomi Pass in Bankei, you can enjoy panoramic views of Sapporo’s cityscape from fields blanketed in lavender. These beautiful scenes are sure to soothe the soul. Also, don’t forget to try Sapporo’s renowned local dish, soup curry!
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