Born in Germany, he met and married a lady of mixed Japanese and German ethnicity there, and later moved to Sapporo to study Japanese. He works at a coffee shop in Sapporo. He enjoys Japanese culture, such as shrines and temples, and also likes walking through parks. Nakajima Park and Maruyama Park are two of his favorites.

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    Hokkaido’s largest city of Sapporo is home to an abundance of excellent ingredients from throughout Hokkaido. Today, let’s explore the Nijo Fish Market, which is located not far from the heart of downtown. Sapporo is equally famous for its beer, and the Sapporo Beer Garden is the perfect venue to try iconic Sapporo Beer alongside the classic Hokkaido soul food of Genghis Khan lamb barbecue.
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    Throughout Sapporo, there are plenty of ski resorts where you can enjoy our amazing powder snow! Today, we’ll visit Sapporo Teine. The mountain is near town, so after a day of skiing, we can spend the evening downtown experiencing Sapporo’s gourmet scene. This all adds up to an incredibly rewarding day in Sapporo!
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    There are many renowned places to enjoy autumn leaves throughout Sapporo! This time, we’ve come to Hokkaido Jingu Shrine. Enclosed in colorful foliage, the shrine grounds are serene and profoundly beautiful. There is a traditional Japanese sweet shop on site, and restaurants featuring soup curry, a heartwarming Sapporo local dish, are just a short walk away. Join us to enjoy Sapporo’s magnificent autumn!
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    After enjoying panoramic views of Sapporo’s cityscape from the observatory atop JR Tower (elevation 160 m), depart for the Hill of the Buddha at Makomanai Takino Cemetery, which features a statue of Buddha enclosed by lavender-covered hills. Near the cemetery, we’ll also visit Sapporo Art Park, where arts and culture are in harmony with Sapporo’s beautiful nature.
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