Born in southern France, she came to Japan in 2019 and has lived in Sapporo since 2019. She currently works as an English instructor. She is interested in Japanese anime, loves ramen, and is fond of finishing the evening with a parfait. She fully enjoys life in Sapporo.

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    Sapporo is home to over 1.9 million citizens, and yet, abundant nature can be found throughout the cityscape. In this video, we’ll show you around Hokkaido Jingu Shrine and Mt. Maruyama. Both are in walking distance of the subway, and are favorite recreation and relaxation spots for Sapporo locals. Join us and explore the vibrant green of Sapporo’s nature.
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    Within a vast landscape enclosed in lavender-covered hills lies Makomanai Takino Cemetery’s iconic Head of Buddha. Experience this breathtaking scene created by world-renowned architect, Tadao Ando. We’ll also visit Junren ramen restaurant, located twenty minutes by car from Makomanai Takino Cemetery.
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