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Sapporo is a major city where urban function and lush nature co-exist in harmony, something rarely seen in the world.

Sapporo offers abundant attractions, such as art, events, and cuisine featuring locally-sourced ingredients. And yet, at any time of the year, just a short distance from the city center, visitors can easily experience Sapporo’s vibrant nature through excursions, activities, hot spring visits, and more. The excitement of the big city comes together with the tranquility of vast nature, offering the best of both worlds.


Sapporo is Hokkaido’s hub, with many other amazing destinations on the island easily accessible from it. Make Sapporo your base for exploring any number of the other beautiful places Hokkaido has to offer by bus and train. There are numerous direct flights from overseas to New Chitose Airport, which is also connected to every major city in Japan, making going to and from Sapporo comfortable and convenient.

From New Chitose Airport to Sapporo
By JR train: 40 min.
By bus: 1 hr.


Even among Japan, Sapporo stands out for its magnificent seasonal beauty. Long winters bring about five meters of yearly snowfall, and summers are comfortable, with less humidity and cooler temperatures than other regions of Japan. In any season, Sapporo’s remarkable climate inspires visitors to enjoy the great outdoors.

In addition to Sapporo’s legacy of becoming Asia’s first city to host the Winter Olympics in 1972, due to its cool, comfortable summers, Sapporo was the venue for of the Olympic marathon and race walking events for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.


Sapporo Experiences

Modern City

The fifth largest city in Japan and the largest city north of Tokyo, Sapporo is a vibrant urban center filled to the brim with gourmet restaurants using local ingredients, every kind of shopping imaginable, cultural institutions, and a vibrant nightlife. Spend your day in the excitement of Sapporo’s downtown area, or take in the city for a while before or after your nearby outdoor adventures.

A World-Class Ski Destination with Big City Excitement

■Snowy Metropolis

Home to about two million people, the metropolis of Sapporo is also a world leader in snowfall, with about five meters of snow accumulating every winter. This wonderfully snowy environment is a big part of local events and lifestyles, which can only be experienced in Sapporo.
The world-renowned Sapporo Snow Festival is held every winter, with Odori Park as the main venue. Festivalgoers are amazed by attractions such as intricately crafted snow sculptures of all shapes and sizes, fairytale-like nighttime illumination, and more, with each visit creating unforgettable memories.
After enjoying the Snow Festival, it’s easy to explore the rest of the city to your heart’s content thanks to Sapporo’s public transit system, which includes streetcars, subways, and JR trains, as well as the city’s well-developed underground pedestrian spaces. Many public transit routes offer wonderful views of plentiful snowdrifts and Sapporo’s urban skyline.

■Ski and Après-Ski, all in one City

While Sapporo is a major urban center, magnificent mountains beyond the cityscape hint at the many snow activities that can be experienced while visiting this major city.
Wrapped in pure white snow, Sapporo is a true winter wonderland. Cold air currents from Siberia cross the Sea of Japan, depositing large quantities of premium powder snow throughout Hokkaido, captivating skiers, snowboarders, and winter sports enthusiasts from the world over. The city is home to a number of ski areas, offering rewarding experiences and activities to beginners and experts alike. The nearby city center is another major attraction, offering a rich variety of après-ski opportunities.


While a very short trip from the city center, Sapporo’s mountains feature abundant nature untouched by human hands, and are easily accessed for hiking.


Sapporo’s wonderful art scene seamlessly blends with the natural environment. Stroll through bountiful greenery as you explore sculptures and other works by artists from throughout Japan and around the world. The outdoor environment creates a remarkable ambience to experience art.


Surrounded by three different ocean currents, Hokkaido’s expansive plains are home to vast farm and pasture land. The abundant supply of marine, agricultural, and dairy products creates a veritable treasure trove of cuisine. Hokkaido’s finest ingredients come together in the capital of Sapporo, allowing visitors to enjoy the unique regional cuisines from around Hokkaido.
Sapporo itself is the place of origin of a number of dishes and culinary culture which are now beloved throughout Japan, and is renowned nationwide for the quality of its local cuisine.

Jozankei Hot Spring
Resort Area

About an hour’s drive from Sapporo’s city center will take you to the Jozankei hot spring resort area. Soaking in a natural mineral bath, you are certain to find blissful relaxation for mind and body over beautiful views of valley scenery. Or, make a short excursion to enjoy activities such as canoeing or horseback riding.

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